Send text messages (SMS) to more than 200 countries fast, reliably and at affordable prices.

Our company offers fast and reliable international SMS delivery service at an economical cost. Our pricing policy is very simple, you only pay for the SMS you send. As a client of our company, you will not pay any subscription fees or any hidden fees. Everything is clear and transparent.

With advanced API integration, you can offer and use international SMS delivery services on your custom software and websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1# What Is E.164 Format For Sending International SMS?

E.164 is an international standard format that defines numbering format for sending messages. It includes a + plus sign, international country code, area code without zero, and finally local phone number. It increases authentication and credibility of your online business. It also emphasizes users to view your SMS details.

2# What is SMS Character Limit?

SMS character limit involves specific characters for sending messages to the users. Usually, a SMS with 160 characters and six bytes data header is considered reliable. However, the latest mobile phones allow message segmentation, message rebuilding, and concenatation up to 1600 characters.

3# What Are The Guidelines For Sending International MSS?

Always send international SMS to your subscribers and clearly communicate with the users about your services. Try to maintain subscribers opt-in details including subscription duration, frequency, current status, and type of SMS to improve your functionality. Make sure that your messages are not getting filtered by the service providers.

4# Is It Possible To Send Messages To International Users?

We hold the capacity to send or receive messages for specific countries or regions. Please contact our experts to find your region or country for sending or receiving international messages. However, international messaging rate table is applicable for all international SMS sending or receiving services.

5# Which Phone Numbers Are Suitable For Sending Or Receiving SMS?

The shared line group phone numbers, main company phone numbers, local phone numbers, call queue numbers, and auto receptionist numbers are suitable for sending or receiving SMS. However, we are currently dealing with nationwide local phone. In case, you are looking for other services, please let us know.

6# Can I Send Images Or Videos Via SMS?

We provide the facility to send images in PDF, PNG, and GIF files. However, we do not support video sending facility at this time. We are working on it to serve our clients in multiple ways. Please provide us detailed information about your file format for sending images in international messages.

7# Why Do International Messages Fail To Deliver?

The international messages fail to deliver if there is no international country code, international country code in the wrong format, SMS is sent to a landline number, and using an invalid phone number. Our service providers closely monitor every detail to ensure the delivery of international messages.

8# How Does Routing Affect The Delivery Of International Messages?

Always use a direct connection to minimize the number of failures. Use network lock-ups and update database to ensure that messages are delivered to the right body. Use prefix routing to avoid SMS routing to wrong connections. Find the list of reliable operators to guarantee on-time delivery of SMS.

9# Can I Get A Free Trial Before Getting International SMS Sending And Receiving Services?

Yes, you can get a free trial to evaluate our guaranteed international SMS sending and receiving services. However, we only provide local numbers to test this service. No payments are required during our three days trial duration.